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Production, Re-use and Recycling of used engine oil in Pakistan: A Case Study

. Mohammad Nafees, Nisar Muhammad, Nazish Humma Khan & Malghalara


The study was conducted during 2023–24 at Peshawar Capital City in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the objective of knowing the status of used engine oil (UEO) production, reuse, recycling, and disposal. Information related to the number of vehicles was obtained from the motor registration office of the study area. To quantify used engine oil production status, 70 (25%) workshops were surveyed. Besides, 336 vehicles’ owners and drivers were also interviewed to learn about their perceptions and practices related to the use, re-use, and recycling of used engine oil.

By comparing the production of used engine oil in 2011 and 2024, it was found that 38.19 million liters of used engine oil have been produced annually in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and 287.2 million liters in Pakistan. For most owners and drivers, using engine oil is not an environmental problem. This is why they always leave the workshops. Only 27% goes to recycling plants, and 61% is used directly as commercial fuel. 4%, equivalent to 1.53 million litters goes into the environment. It was concluded that the increasing trends in used engine oil pose a potential threat to the environment. It was therefore recommended that the production and disposal of used engine oil be reflected in environmental laws. Re-cycling of the used engine oil in a scientific manner should be encouraged to save the environment.

Key words: Re-use, Recycling, point and non-point pollution sources, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Lubricant, Diesel and petrol vehicle

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