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Development of Smart Helmet using Internet of Things (IOT)

. Engr. Shahkaar Ahmad Khan, Talha Abbasi, Engr. Yusra Sardar Zeb, Engr. Muhammad Bilal & Sadaf Sardar


Motorcycle riding poses significant safety risks due to lack of structural protection and the need for heightened situational awareness. Despite technological advancements in vehicle safety, motorcycle safety features remain limited. This research proposes the development of a smart helmet leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance rider safety and convenience. The smart helmet integrates sensors (accelerometer, GPS), wireless communication modules, and a camera to continuously monitor the rider's behavior, road conditions, and surroundings. It can detect incidents like falls or collisions and automatically alert emergency contacts with location data. The helmet also enables hands-free calling, navigation, and rear-view camera display for reduced distractions. By fusing IoT capabilities into a wearable device, this solution aims to provide a safer and more comfortable riding experience for motorcyclists while promoting sustainable transportation alternatives.


Index Terms- Internet of Things (IoT), Helmet Monitoring System, Smart Drive Technologies, Wireless Communication


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