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Impact of Industrial Effluents on Amino acids Profile of different muscle zones of Catla catla inhabitants of River Chenab

. Anees Hayat, Tayyaba Sultana, Salma Sultana, Bilal Hussain & Saddam Hussain


The present study aimed to assess the impact of pollution on the amino acid profile of different muscle zones (Dorsal, Ventral, Ventricha, and Tail) of Catla catla (column feeder) by paper chromatography. Fish samples were collected from an area of non-polluted (upstream) sites and polluted sites (downstream) near Thatta Muhammad Shah, where the Chakbandi Main drain joins River Chenab. The essential amino acids contents were found highest (0.1349±0.00023g/g) in dry meat in the ventricha muscle zone of Catla catla harvested from a less polluted site (upstream) of river Chenab closely followed by farmed fish (0.0983±0.00057g/g). In contrast, essential amino acid contents were found at a minimum (0.0249±0.0004g/g) in the ventral muscle zone of Catla catla harvested from a highly polluted site (downstream) of the river Chenab clear difference from upstream wild and farmed fish. There was a significant (P˂0.05) decrease in the amino acid composition of fish samples downstream of the river than farmed and upstream wild fish. Among essential amino acids, threonine, arginine, and non-essential amino acids, Proline was found missing in all muscle zones of fish from highly polluted river areas.

Keywords: amino acids profile, Catla catla, muscle zones, water pollution

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