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Ascertaining Various Perceived Risks and Its impact on Customer’s Purchase Intentions to Online Platforms

. Mr. Rohit Kumar Vishwakarma, Dr. Pooja Chaturvedi & Mr. Ajay Kumar Yadav


The online marketing and consumer interaction over virtual platforms are catalyzed by internet. Since 2015 to 2020, within half of the decade the internet users are raised from 302.36 million to 696.77 millions in India, exclusively, that is the second largest figure of internet users of the world. Such growth is not only from the urban area but also from rural segment. Government has also given their consent and allowed hundred percent FDI in B2B e-commerce. With such prospect various service providers and ecommerce companies have escalated their wings in Indian market to accomplish the need of online users with ease. The online shopping has given the choice of comfort along with the functionality of ‘scroll before purchase’ the things anytime, anywhere. This dimension has definitely reduced the unnecessary wasting of time at specific counter during purchase and offers the customized services to the customer. But, along with several glorious services of online platforms there are still so many risks observed by the online buyers that influence their decision making process under online shopping. There are several risks such as quality factor of resources, additional charges in the form of delivery services, risk related to guarantee of the products, risk in return policy etc. In the association of mentioned points, in this paper we have tried to investigate the foremost perceived risk like; Financial risk, Product Risk, Convenience Risk, Non-Delivery Risk, and Return Procedure Risk faced by online users during shopping and its impact on their purchase intention. IBM SPSS AMOS version 22.0 was used for variable analysis. Through this research paper we would like to convey the message to ecommerce service providers so that they can gloze such risks perceived by users and can take their progressive initiation to improve the customer experience.

Keywords- Perceived risk, Customer experience, Digital payment, online shopping etc.

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