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The Voiceless Female: The Politics of Language in the World Driven by Binaries

. Shona Smith & Dr. K. Balakrishnan


Language is a powerful medium for the subaltern to represent themselves. It is a cultural text which reflects the attitudes and practices of our culture and languages uses us as much as we use language. Just as our word choice for forms of expression is guided by the thoughts we want to express, similarly the way we feel about the things in the real world governs the way we express ourselves about these things.Language and history describes the external reality. Apart from the established objectives, linguistic discourses also have hidden motives. Power structures that govern the society use language as one of the forms of covert politics. Though politics is manifested through different forms in society (art, music, cinema, law), language is a major force behind the perpetuation of any ideology.

Keywords: language, medium, conventions, reflects culture, hidden motives, manifest, ideology

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