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IOT based biaxial solar tracking system

. Naitik Devgania, Smitesh Mahimkar, Nikhil Maurya, Abhishek Wani and Amol Mangrulkar


The purpose of this project is to create a self-aligning platform for solar panels and share the  Information through IoT for better utilization of the renewable solar energy source that is  available.This project aims to develop dual axis solar tracker with IOT monitoring system using  Arduino. The solar tracking system is the most  effective technology to improve the efficiency of solar panels by tracking and following the  sun’s movement. Thus, the project discusses the development of two-axes solar-tracking  developers using Arduino Uno as main controller the system. For development of this project,  four light-dependent resistors (LDRs) have been used for sunlight detection and a maximum  light intensity. Two gear motors have been used to rotate the solar panel according to the sun’s  light source detected by the LDR. Next a WIFI ESP8266 device is used as an intermediary  between device and IOT monitoring system. The IOT monitoring system is a website that  functions to store data. The objective is to prepare the final prototype which will demonstrate  an improved efficiency using self-aligning platform and smart IOT systems. The results  indicated that the automatic solar tracking system is more reliable and efficient. The efficiencyof this system has been tested and compared with a single axial solar tracker. As a result, the  two-axis solar tracking system generates more voltage current and thus power.  


Index Terms- Dual Axis, Solar Tracker, IOT, WIFI ESP8266, LDR.

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