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The Influence of Halal Tourism Branding and Intrinsic Religiosity Values on Accelerating Decisions to Visit Halal Destinations in Lombok Island

. Muaidy Yasin; Surati; and Lalu Edy Herman


The purpose of this study is to investigate and develop models of the influence of halal tourism branding to improve tourist visiting decisions, as well as the role of intrinsic religiosity values, halal attractions, and memorable halal tourism experiences. The tourism sector plays a major role in development, in addition to creating jobs and increasing the country's foreign exchange, it can also introduce Indonesia's rich cultural arts and natural beauty to tourists around the world. Halal tourism is currently being heavily promoted as one of the wonderful branding developments in Indonesia. Empirical validation of the research model was carried out by conducting a field survey, using a questionnaire distributed to 150 respondents using convenience sample techniques. The data collected was processed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with Amos 22 software. The results show that memorable tourism experiences have an effect on intrinsic religiosity value and are able to increase visiting decisions, and halal attractions also affect visiting decisions.


Keywords: halal tourism, sustainable tourism, community-based tourism, intrinsic religiosity values, decision to visit

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