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A survey to Identify Gap in Sentiment Analysis Using Big Data Analytics

. Ritu Patidar and Sachin Patel


Many researchers have addressed the different issues, challenges and problems associated with the sentiment analysis and emotion mining over the last decade. The advent of e-commerce over the last decade and changed the complete paradigm of the business environment. Instead of going to the shops personally, the users can directly access the details of the products they want to buy, compare them of different ecommerce websites, and order them. The online shopping has saved so much of time, money and energy of the users as well as the vendors. This research paper performs a survey on different sentiment analysis research work and explore gap in different solutions. Its also investigate the contribution of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the analysis of user sentiments. The complete study has been performed on small and big data size work to evaluate the feasibility and accuracy of the existing solutions. The complete research paper starts with introduction of sentiment analysis and keeps forward with comparison chart of different existing solutions. It also addresses problems and expected solutions.


Keywords: Sentiment Analysis, Support Vector Machine [SVM], Naive Bayes Algorithm

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