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Assessment on Nutritional status, biochemical parameters and the lifestyle of the Elderly with Chronic Disease Conditions Residing in Old Age Homes of Mysore City

. Tokpam Reshma Chanu, Vanitha Reddy P, Renuka M and Pretesh Rohan Kiran


Background: Old Age Homes (OAH) elderly with non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are at risk of conditions due to their reduced ability to self‐manage and suboptimal facilities with regard to health status and poor medical facilities. Objective: The main objective of the study is to assess nutritional status, the biochemical parameters and lifestyle of the elderly with chronic disease conditions in elderly residing in old age homes. Methods: This study is carried out in Six OAH. In these OAH, out of 122 elderly, 92 subjects (male n=42 and female n=50) were identified with NCD condition-Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Hypertension (HTN), Arthritis, Coronary heart disease (CHD), Gastritis. Further, these 92 subjects were analysed for the biochemical parameters. The Institutional Ethical Committee approved the study, and informed consent was obtained from all the participants. Results: The average age of elderly was 74±8 years. In the fasting blood sugar category 11.9% were above the range and 75.4% random blood sugar were above the range and diagnosed with Hyperglycemia. The elderly of 25-50 % were having joint pains, blurred vision, weakness and oedema.  Conclusions: From the current study the major observation was lack of knowledge in the management of chronic disease condition. It indicates that it may be one of the major causative factors for the comorbid conditions in the elderly. It is strongly suggested modification in the lifestyle and there is a need of nutrition education and regular health check-up of elderly residing in the OAH.

 Keywords: Non communicable disease (NCD), Health issues, Physical activity, Old   age Homes (OAH), nutrition education

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