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Influence of Supporting Aspects and Agribusiness Main in Improving the Welfare of Corn Farmers in the Development of Simalungun Regency – Indonesia

. Sasmita Siregar, Sirojuzilam, Sumono dan Tavi Supriana


This study aims to analyze the effect of supporting aspects and the main aspects of agribusiness on production and the effect of production aspects on the welfare of corn farmers in Simalungun Regency based on three regional categories with low, medium and high production levels. From primary data processing to 270 farmer respondents and analyzed using the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method, the results show that positive and significant supporting aspects affect production and production aspects positively and significantly affect welfare, while the main aspects with indicators of road accessibility, environment and technology has a positive but not significant effect on production. This shows that this aspect has not been optimally applied and supports the increase in corn production in Simalungun Regency. Keywords - Agribusiness, Main Support, Production, Welfare

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