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Future of Drone Technology in India

. Rama Prasanna Dalai#1 and Dr. Sidharth Sabyasachi#2


This paper gives an overview about the future of drone technology in India. For the development of the society in every aspect, new technologies need to be adopted. Starting from agriculture to military applications, everywhere, new technologies are implemented to increase their work capability efficiently. Human being can work limited hours per day whereas the machines with advanced technology can work 24 hours per day which helps for the increase in productivity. The drone technology is one of the emerging technologies which is rapidly increasing in the whole world. It is basically an unmanned vehicle which can fly in the sky and controlled remotely from the ground. So risk factor on human life is negligible. Anyone can transfer any objects from one place to another without taking much more time and it doesn’t depends on traditional courier systems. Drone technology has many applications and due to its low cost, everyone can avail it. In India, its popularity is increasing day by day and people are accepting this as it doesn’t require any advanced training to operate it. It operation is so simple that people can control it by using mobile app. A through survey has done about the various usability of drones and what it its future in Indian market. The different parts and technology involved in the drones are explained. The different rules and regulations provided by government of India regarding the use of drones are also explained. The various potential manufacturers which are already established their market in India are provided. The areas which are not explored and how drone technology can be implemented there also discussed here. 
Keywords— Technology, Industry, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Drone, 

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