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Evaluation of anti-depressant activity of Garcinia cambogia on experimentally induced depression in mice

. Abdula Hashif, Prasanna Shama Khandige, Prashant Nayak


Context: Depressive is a prevalent psychiatric disorder. The currently using drugs can impose a variety adverse effects including, hyperpiesia, sexual dysfunction cardiac toxicity, body weight gain, and sleep disorder.

Aim: The present study was aimed to assess the antidepressant activity of Garcinia cambogia plant in experimental animal mouse.

Materials and Methods: Antidepressant activity was investigated in Albino mice by using Forced swimming test (FST) and Tail suspension test (TST) models. Imipramine(10mg/kg) was used as standard drug and Garcinia cambogia(100, 400mg/kg) was used as test drug.

Results: Garcinia cambogia showed significant decrease in duration of immobility in both TST and FST models.

Conclusion: Garcinia cambogia has shown anti-depressant activity in both TST and FST models.


KEYWORDS:  Garcinia cambogia, tail suspension test, forced swim test.

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