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. Zainab Rustum Mohsin1, Auhood Mukr Dayish2, Baida Abdulredha Hamdan3


ــــــBuilt up an assault android application. It is intended for individuals who are under assault. They would press a catch on their telephone and it will accumulate their present area and begin recording a 5-second video with sound. This will at that point naturally send the area and video straight to the police or companion. The application additionally can actuate U. Android Attack application - A major application worked for android handheld gadgets. It is an application that utilizations administrations of the camera, SMS, email, contacts, GPS, It sends recordings to present area coordinates for use by police or companions. Android applications are traditionally weak across malicious applications. This is an unclassified category of attacks of android which let the user use a sly site in the android browser and do not need the user to install malicious applications. This is known as online injection attacks (or W2AI), that creates differences between various kinds of W2AI and its side effects. For estimating its prevalence, an automated W2AI scanner was offered for determining and confirming the weaknesses in W2AI. The apps from the official Google Play store were analyzed and found to have 286 points in 134 unique applications. The outcomes suggested that these attacks are widespread, and developers do not appropriately protect applications against them. A new mix of Static analysis was employed by our tools, testing and implementing a symbolic dynamic. This design was experimentally shown to enhance the accuracy of detection specifically in comparison to the present sophisticated analysis. 
Keywords: Android, applications, google, android attack, gadgets

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