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A Novel Synthesis of Mannich bases and its Docking Activity

. AlphonsusD’souza, VenuPrasad K.D, Lisha K.Poonacha, Prasanna Shama.K


A series of new 1-(Amino/Fluro methyl - 3 Alkyl subbed - 4-arylidiene) Amino - 1,2,4-triazole  was prepared according to literature method. Structure of newly synthesised compounds was established on the basis of spectral data .In IR spectra C=N stretching was observed at 1726Cm-1 and NH Stretching was observed at 1584Cm-1, Whereas in NMR spectra these Chiral carbons appeared as doublet .Hence these compounds were screened for Docking studies, ADMET and Cytotoxicity test From the results we came to know that Compounds containing Fluorine substituent at para position showed significant action against B.Substilis and A.aerogenes.

Keywords: NMR spectra, B.Substilis, Cytotoxicity test, ADMET

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