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Student Engagement Practices in Higher Education during Pandemic by the Faculties of Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu

. Dr. A. Michael John and Mr. R. Ramkumar


Purpose: Teaching doesn't but involvement makes students learn. When an adult remembers his or her school teacher, it means they not only taught them but also how they made them to feel about the same. Very few teachers have the potential to involve, engage and make the children concentrate in the class. Chalk and talk education fuel a one-way learning which is not exactly learning for the kids that too in a higher education setting, without the involvement of the students there is no place for learning. This paper aims to examine the Student Engagement practices in Higher Education Setting during Pandemic by the Faculties to explore the feasible student engagement practices during the recent pandemic.

Findings: Many teachers were already practising student engagement practices in the teaching learning process. Engaging students through creative activities and making the classes live has become an inevitable factor in every day’s higher education setting. An interactive environment in classroom paves way for the introverted students to open up at some point. To break the barrier between the students and teachers and make them to indulge in learning activities "Student’s engagement practices" is a lifesaving technique.

Originality/value/implications: Only when a student is engaged and involved, he subconsciously starts learning the subject. Not every day a lively class is possible, only very few teachers can sustain in that tact consistently.

Keywords: Student Engagement, Pandemic, Creative, Higher Education, Teachers, Classroom.

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