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Smartphone applications for healthcare professionals: A systematic review in three platforms

. Raja D, Elmutaz Belah Mohammed, Mohamed Elfatih Ali, Manju Rosy Jose, Bijin Kurian, Solomon Reji, Anand VijayaKumar P R


In the last few years there has been increased utilization of smartphone technology by general public as well as healthcare professionals. One of the key features for increasing usage of smartphones is the ability to use applications, commonly termed as Apps. The present study aims to find out the available healthcare apps in three platforms (Android, Windows, iOS) and classify them. In addition, we examine the availability of app for drug and poison information centre to provide drug and poison information services. We performed a broad search for healthcare apps in three main platforms (Android, Windows, iOS), during 29/June/2016 to 31/December/2016 considering predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria. The available healthcare apps were categorized, based on their fundamental function into six categories; Drug information, Disease information and management, Drug interactions, Prescription manager, Multifunctional apps, and apps for Drug and poison information centre.  Comprehensive review that includes description, logo, platform, download size, rating and cost of 277 included apps from a total of 9178 identified healthcare apps was prepared. Further this systematic and comprehensive review process in main three platforms, shows there is no app for drug and poison information centre to provide drug and poison information service.

Keywords: Smartphone apps, healthcare apps, Android, Windows, iOS, Drug and Poison Information Centre, classification of healthcare apps

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