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Level of Public Awareness of the Hazards in Marine Tourism Torosiaje Village, Pohuwato Regency, Gorontalo Province, Indonesia

. Abdul Haris Panai Faculty of Science Education, Gorontalo State University, Indonesia


This research is about the level of public awareness in the marine tourism village of Torosiaje, Pohuwato district, about the dangers of marine debris at the tourist site of Torosiaje Village, Pohuwato Regency, Gorontalo Province. This study aims to provide education/awareness to the people of Torosiaje Tourism Village, especially elementary and junior high school children in Torosiaje Tourism Village, Pohuwato Regency, about: (1) the dangers of waste (especially plastic), (2) how to keep the beach clean. This activity was carried out using lecture, discussion and question and answer methods using poster media. The results of this activity are: (1) Media for outreach activities in the form of posters about marine pollution and its effects on life have been made, (2) Results of observations, discussions and questions and answers, as well as tests of community attitudes, showed that through this outreach activity, students' knowledge about the dangers of marine debris increased. (3) Students' awareness of the dangers of marine debris increases.

Keywords: level awareness, marine litter, healthy environment, tourist village

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