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Cluster analysis on self-regulated learning to anticipate the success of online learning

. Dwi Sulisworo#1, Ika Maryani#2, Ariswan*3, Aris Thobirin#4


Strategies in Covid-19 mitigation positively acquire changes individuals' conduct. Teachers and students hurry to change their interaction using online learning. In online learning, where learning control is higher in students, SRL becomes an important issue to study. This research is a quantitative descriptive study to explain how the SRL profile of students in Covid-19 emergencies. The data were gathered using Google Form. The SRL questionnaire covers four subscale: planning (5 items), monitoring (6 items), controlling (6 items), and reflecting (5 items). Profile of SRL primary school students are grouped at high, moderate-low, and low SRL compared to the average SRL of all students. However, students as a whole tend to have quite high SRL. So it can be expected that students will not encounter learning problems by using online learning. 

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