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Immunity enhancing efficacy of the lactobacillus sp. as probiotic, segregated from the gut of Channa marulius against Aeromonas sp

. Abhaysinh R. Deshmukh , Vishwas S. Shembekar and Datta A.Nalle


In present investigation study of Haemato-immunological parameters, significantly higher erythrocyte count, haemoglobin content, haematocrit value, leucocyte count and respiratory burst activity were observed in LBD-3 (fed with diet containing 0.70 probiotic than other treatment groups, and control showed significantly lower values. The leucocyte count of all the experimental groups differed significantly from each other, with highest count in LBD-1 and lowest in control. The number of adherent neutrophil was significantly higher in all the treated groups than the control. But there was no difference between the treatments. Significantly higher total protein content was found in the LBD-3 (fed with diet containing 0.70 probiotic. The percentage survival of fishes of the entire probiotic treated group after challenging with Aeromonas Spp was significantly higher than the control.

Index TermsChanna marulius , Aeromonas , Probiotic, Immune- enhancement

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