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Two Edges of Green Banking Products

. Catherin T. C. and C. L. Jeba Melvin


People are more attentive and aware of environmental issues in this technical and modernized period, not only of their rights, needs, and expectations, but also about the environmental issues we face in our daily lives. Even now, industries and organizations who are driven by the goal of ‘Only Profit' have recognized the current serious scenario and have modified their goals and strategies to be more environmentally friendly. Similarly, in the banking sector, green initiatives have been proposed to change customers' banking activities in order to build and maintain sustainability. The only option to make banking activities green and eco-friendly is to adopt the Green Banking concept. Success and failure are like two sides of the same coin; one cannot exist without the other, similarly Green Banking has both dark and bright sides, as it is entirely new concept in the banking sector that is still in its early stages of application in India. The problems of using Green Banking products and benefits of Green Banking Products are the topic of this research. Mistakes are common in all concepts, but finding them and correcting them at the right time is challenging. Similarly, hurdles to customers using Green Banking products must be removed at the proper moment for the concept of Green Banking and purpose of environmental protection to succeed.

Keywords: Green Banking, Green Banking Initiatives, Green Banking Products, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Go Greena

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