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Consumer Buying Behaviour on Eco-Friendly Products in Thoothukudi

. ArunaDevi.P and Dr. G. Stella Beatrice Nirmala


Consumers are becoming more conscious of environmental issues, health-conscious, safe life, and interest to purchase all types of eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products are the best solution for all environmental problems like climatic change, global warming, and natural disaster. Consumers  who buy eco-friendly products are called green consumers. Eco-friendly producers are called green entrepreneurs. Buying and selling of eco-friendly product transactions called green marketing or eco-friendly business. The present research paper is an attempt to investigate buying behaviour towards eco-friendly products among the consumers in Thoothukudi city. The research is conducted with probing questions on the concept of eco-friendly products, mode of awareness, various reasons for purchasing eco-friendly products, and perception of consumers with eco-friendly products. The data has been collected from 185 respondents of different areas in Thoothukudi . Both primary and secondary data have been used for this research paper. Data has been analysed using SPSS. Research findings reveal that eco-friendly products are more effective than non-eco-friendly products.


Keywords: Eco-friendly product, Green consumer, Green entrepreneurs, Green marketing, Green consumer perception, Eco-friendly business

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