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Noise Cancellation from Signal of Tabla Musical Instrument with the help of Adaptive Filters

. Sudhir Kumar Dubey and Prof. Soni Changlani


In the present work noise cancellation is done from the signals obtained from the musical instrument through the adaptive filter.  The musical instrument used is tabla. The noise cancellation using adaptive filter is an alternative method for estimating signals which are get corrupted be additive noise or any interference. By applying adaptive noise cancellation, we have advantage that we do not required any prior estimate of signal or noise and we are able to minimize the required noise level which will be very difficult to obtain by any other signal processing methods. The additive noise which are corrupting our signals are white Gaussian noise and pink noise. The signals of musical instrument is mixed with the noise signals and the results are investigated for different adaptive filter algorithms which include Least Mean Square (LMS) and Normalized Least Mean Square (NLMS). While investigating the output from the adaptive filters, different parameter like output MSE, MAE, PSNR, SNR and filter order are recorded Input and output waveform of musical instruments signal, noise signal, mixed signal and filtered signal are observed. The computer simulations is carried out using MATLAB software and results shows the noise get reduced using adaptive filters from musical instruments signal.


Keywords: Adaptive filter, Noise cancellation, Gaussian noise, Pink noise, Adaptive algorithm, Least mean square (LMS), Normalized Least Mean Square (NLMS) algorithm.

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