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Efficient and Secure Data Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks through Optimal Power Control and Handoff-Based Recovery Mechanism

. M.Logaprakash, K.Radha and B.Saravanan


Advances in wireless sensor network (WSN) technology have provided the availability of small and low-cost sensor with capability of sensing various types of physical and environmental conditions, data processing, and wireless communication. In WSN, the sensor nodes have a limited transmission range, and their processing and storage capabilities as well as their energy resources are also limited. Modified triple umpiring system (MTUS) has already proved its better performance in Wireless Sensor Networks. In this paper, we extended the MTUS by incorporating optimal signal to noise ratio (SNR)-based power control mechanism and optimal handoff-based self-recovery features to form an efficient and secure routing for WSN. Extensive investigation studies using Glomosim-2.03 Simulator show that efficient and secure routing protocol (ESRP) with optimal power control mechanism, and handoff-based self-recovery can significantly reduce the power usage.

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