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Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Potential of Annona reticulata L. leaf extract in Swiss albino mice- a pre-clinical study

. Olivia Justinea, Nimmy Vargheseb*, Prerana Shettyc, Sreelakshmi P, Sharanya M


Aim of the experiment: The present study was aimed at the investigation of skeletal muscle relaxant activity of Annona reticulata L. leaf ethanolic extract by using in vivo screening models.

Method: The skeletal muscle relaxation pontial of the Annona reticulata L. leaf extract was investigated using models such as Rota-rod, chimney test, actophotometer, and grip strength. The activity by three dose levels of the extract (low, medium, and high) was compared with the activity produced by standard ( diazepam) and control groups of mice.

Results: The activity of 400mg/kg (high dose) was found to be 54.92±10.35 in the actophotometer experiment, the fall-off time in rota-rod and chimney test were found to be 92.7±3.1 and 15.50±0.763 respectively. The high dose level showed a significant loss of grip strength (147.32±3.39) when compared to control (205.4±5.3), medium (194.75±7.91), and low (182.35±7.06) dose levels, revealing muscle relaxation potential of the extract at higher dose levels.

Conclusion: Dose-dependent and significant skeletal muscle relaxant activity was observed in all the in-vivo models in animals treated with the plant ethanolic extract when compared to control and standard treatments.

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