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Teaching English in Digital Era: Some Observances and Strategies

. Dr. Shugufta Shaheen and Dr. Govindaiah Godavarthi


As teachers we have geared up to a challenge and managed to discharge our duties after being compelled to switch from physical to virtual mode, which was quite a learning and difficult experience for most of us who may not have been tech savvy. Added to it were the problems of recurrent power cuts, internet connectivity, and the difficulty of working from home. There was also the scrutiny of our teaching methodology and language by parents of our students on the other end who appointed themselves as regimental officers of not only their children but of their teachers too. We have also observed the dramatic transition from repudiating the use of mobile phones by our children to they being constantly on it for attending classes and otherwise. The smart phones have triggered the trajectory of evolving smart students and smart teachers.


Keywords: Online teaching, Digital classroom, English, Language teaching

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