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. Ankur Kumar and Mohd Arif Ahmad Khan


It is well known that purified water is unconditionally indispensable for well living. Passable supply of fresh and clean potable water is a basic necessity for all human beings, yet it has been perceived that millions of people are underprivileged of this. Dirtied water plays noteworthy role in taking frequent lives in under-developed localities, for which a numeral of efforts are being made for retrieving purified drinking water. Providentially, well-organized and inexpensive water purification systems are being employed and being tried to be opened worldwide. In the following work, it has been tried to develop a “Low Cost Water Purification Technique “using the basic ideas of bottle filter, some easily available Herb based filter material like Tulsi leaves powder, Neem leaves powder, Rice Husk, Sugarcane bagasse, fine graded sand and an effort has been made to improve the methodology using the UV Filter, RO Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter mechanism. Main focus has been laid on the removal of iron from surface water by adsorption technique. Among all the herbal material used, the ash produced from rice husk was proven to give the best result in the removal of the impurities. Locally collected Sugarcane cane bagasse and neem leaves powder mixed with calcium hydroxide, also proved to be effective for removal of iron.

Keyword:-Herbal, removal of iron, cheapest material, adsorption technique.

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