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Wound healing potential of Punica granatum linn fruit peel.

. Nimmy Chacko, Prerana Shetty, Zueena. Department of Pharmacology, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Nitte (deemed to be) University, NGSMIPS, Mangalore, Karnataka-575018, India


Objective: The present study was carried out to investigate the wound healing potential of the extract of dried peel of Punica granatum  L. in albino wistar rat using various screening models.

Materials and methods: Fruit peel of Punica granatum  L was collected, dried and extracted (maceration) using ethanol. Preliminary qualitative phytochemical screening was carried out. The in-vivo models were carried out i.e. excision, incision and dead space wound model using silver sulfadiazine as reference standard. Results: Dose dependent and significant (p<0.05) wound healing activity in in-vivo models were obtained. Conclusion: The result revealed promising wound healing potential of the plant. However further pharmacological investigation using isolated active ingredients can be carried out to confirm its efficacy and mechanism of action.

Keywords: Punica granatum  L, excision, incision and dead space wound model

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