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Review on Optimization Schemes Applications In Cluster Organization in WSN

. Dhyan Singh, Abhishek Srivastava,Sanjay Chauhan


This work involves implementation of networks related to wireless sensors which are used in various fields that includes monitoring of environment, industrial, medical applications and disaster time and space data records. In study of various literatures it is observed that structural deployment of wireless sensors nodes and the way of their space and energy distribution there is huge requirement of a different methodologies for networking and communication systems applications as compared to the traditional networking energy management protocols. The developed algorithm in this work consist of a wireless sensor network which consist of a base station as final sink with unlimited energy source and lots of wireless sensor network nodes which are randomly distributed in a  area of fixed size. Each node has functionality of sensing data and forwarding of it to the base station. Such kind of sensor nodes is normally deployed in dangerous or frequently inaccessible areas.  Hence it is assumed that the sensor energy replacement is not possible due to the nodes inaccessibility to the user thus it generates the need of high degree of the energy efficiency is a key point for the network and node performance.


Keywords: Base station, Energy Efficiency, Leach,  WSN

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