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Blood serum analysis in Channa Marulius after application of the isolated Probiotic bacteria and development in immunology

. Abhaysinh R. Deshmukh, Vishwas S. Shembekar and Datta A.Nalle


In present investigation in the results obtained evidently confirms for utilization of it as probiotics. the culturable microorganisms was isolated from the intestinal content of fingerlings of Channa marulius as well as from adult fishes. Five experimental diets with containing varying concentration of lactobacillus acidophilus  probiotic  0.25,0.5,0.70 and 100% were formulated using soybean as the protein source. The fish were exposed to their respective diet for 4h during each ration. In the end of experiments serum immunological parameters were checked. The serum albumin and serum globulin content was significantly higher in all the treatment groups compared to control. Significantly higher serum lysozyme activity was observed in LBD-1 group (fed with diet containing 0.25 probiotic LBD1 as compared to other treatment groups and control. the concluding remarks of the present investigation was all the probiotic treated group showed significantly better growth parameters as compared to control. However there was no significant difference between the treatments. Fishes fed with diet supplemented by Lactobacillus acidophilus Showed significantly better immune response as compared to other treatment groups and control.

The percentage survival of fishes of the entire probiotic treated group after challenging with Aeromonas Sp was significantly higher than the control, however in between the treatment groups there was no significant difference in the survival rate.


Index terms: Channa marulius, blood serum,probiotic, lactobacillus acidophilus 


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