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Implementing IMTAQ Program in Supporting Islamic Education PAI Learning at State Vocational Schools An Analysis of CIPPO Perspective in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

. Abdul Fattah PAI Study Program, Faculty of Education and Teachers Training, Universitas Islam Negeri Mataram, Indonesia


This article discusses IMTAQ Faith and Piety Program implementation in the nine State Vocational Schools SMKN in Mataram city, which generally occurs on Friday morning involving 921 students. The IMTAQ program is considered as one of the solutions to overcome the limitation in Islamic education (PAI) learning in vocational schools. It is considered a panacea, and for this particular reason, the study applied the CIPPO (Context, Input, Process, Product, and Outcome) program model approach for evaluation. This research aims to describe IMTAQ practice in nine SMKN in Mataram city in supporting and strengthening the implementation of Islamic Education (PAI) learning at school. The CIPPO evaluation model was conducted in the field research (qualitative) and employed case study research. These research findings show that the implementation of IMTAQ in nine State Vocational High Scool in Mataram city was correct and conforming to the applied standard and procedure. Moreover, it can support and strengthen the implementation of Islamic Education (PAI) in vocational schools (similar schools). In the context aspect, it was found out that the implementation of the IMTAQ program has a legal foundation referring to the relevant LOCAL REGULATION (PERDA) in Mataram city, that is, Regulation Number 4 of 2009 regarding the Provision/Implementation of Education, Chapter IV curriculum, Paragraph 39, Article 2. Nevertheless, several aspects require serious attention in implementing IMTAQ, such as in conjunction with product aspects and monitoring and evaluation (MONEV), which has proven to show an unsatisfactory result through this current study. Therefore, the implementation of the IMTAQ program was still carried on. However, the product aspect and MONEV need to be reoptimized so that this IMTAQ program may contribute more significantly in the future.

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