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Role of Online Shopping Determinants in Impulsive Buying Behaviour of Customers of Zomato in Tirunelveli city.

. M.Benita and Dr. T.Rita Rebekah


Impulse buying occurs when a consumer suddenly feels the urge, often strong and persistent, to buy something immediately (Rook, 1987). Zomato is one of the most popular applications and websites that not only enable customers to order food at multiple restaurants, But have a rating  system and an exclusive phone number using which customers would be able to make reservations in restaurants. This article aims to find the impact of the determinants of online buying on the impulsive buying behaviour of customers in Zomato . Data was collected from 80 respondents who are the customers of Zomato. The Pearson correlation test was conducted to investigate the relationship between the Impulsive Buying Behaviour and Online Shopping Determinants variables. And it shows that there is an association between the variables of impulse purchasing behaviour and the determinants of online shopping. The linear regression test was used to determine the impact of online shopping determinants on impulsive buying behaviour. It shows that the constructs of online shopping determinants contribute 10% on impulsive buying behaviour.


Key Words: Impulsive Buying, Online Shopping Determinants, Consumer, Zomato.

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