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. B. Gayathri and R. Ezhil Jasmine


Background: Economic characteristics reflect the standard of living of the people. In India, the unorganised sector gives more employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers.  Generally the construction sectors workers are manual workers. Women workers effect will be more than that of male workers. This study was carried out by assessing the economic status of female workers in construction industry by way of their occupation, category of work, wages, working hours, savings etc. Material and Methods:  In this study, the researcher has using the convenience sampling method.  For this research, the researcher collected the sample of fifty female construction workers in Tirunelveli city. The primary data collected by means of well-structured interview- schedule and the secondary data are from journal, websites, Government notifications etc. The resources collected the data using SPSS statistics analysis tested through percentage analysis, Anova and t test for this research. Results and conclusion:  Our study that most of them middle aged workers especially with their lower literacy level. Most of the workers are married and they are live in a nuclear family at their own accommodation. Hence this study is valuable in providing the information about the economic status of female construction workers.

Keywords: Construction sector, Economic status, Female workers, Unorganised sector.

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