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Impact of Individual and Work Ingredient on Work-Life Synergy of PG Assistants in CBSE Schools

. Dr. R. Christina Jeya Nithila and V. Rajalakshmi


Work-life synergy is a valuable relationship between our personal and work life, where both complement each other. The Researcher is keen on unveiling the current situation faced by the people concerning the work-life synergy of PG Assistants in CBSE schools in Tirunelveli City. In this research, we have considered three ingredients: Individual factors, Work-related factors, and monetary benefits of the PG Assistants in CBSE Schools in Tirunelveli City. This research aims to analyze the impact of Individual and work-related Ingredients and Monetary benefits on the Work-life Synergy of PG Assistants in CBSE Schools in Tirunelveli City. In Tirunelveli city, we have eleven CBSE Schools. Out of eleven schools, six schools have senior secondary in their schools. The research design used for this study is the Descriptive research design. In this study, using the questionnaire, primary data is collected. The Census method has been used to gather data from the PG Assistants. Out of 57 respondents, 52 respondents responded to the questionnaire. The Statistical tool used for the study is multiple regressions to analyze the impact of predictors on an outcome variable. Ho: There is no impact of predictor’s variables such as personal factors, work-related factors, and monetary benefits on outcome variables as work-life synergy. The R Square value of 0.290, shows that the predictors have a moderate impact on the dependent variable. The present study provides suggestions for the Educational Institutions in maintaining proper work environment, congenial atmosphere to teachers and work life synergy strategies.

 Key Words: Work-Life Synergy, Work-related Factors, Personal Factors, Monetary Benefits.

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