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In Silico Pharmacological Studies and RMSD Comparison of FDA Drugs with Bioactive compounds in Musa Paradisica for Ligand Promotion

. Rakesh N R, Gurumurthy H, Pradeep HK and Sandeep DS


This study includes Bio-Pharmaceutical research for atomic demonstrating techniques, inside an assortment of medication revelation programs, to examine complex organic and compound frameworks. Comprehensively utilized in a present-day drug plan, Pre docking Pharmacological Investigations of the Drug- Likeness with in coupling of macromolecular targets. Phytochemicals considered from Musa spp. for Insilco comparison with FDA approved drugs have more Similarity of Structure with Predicted RMSD values which were revealed by few molecular descriptors with the utilization of bioinformatics online server tools like Chemspider, SwissADME. A Linear Regression Plot of Similarity Percentage versus the Root Mean Square Deviation between the FDA approved Drugs and Bioactive Compounds from Musa spp. Reveled the Significant Value of R2 = 0.0131 (y = -0.7202x + 80.805) upon which approximately 6 Ligand molecules fall near on the regression line which signifies the Potency of becoming a promising drug candidate for future in vivo testing.  


Keywords: ChemSpider, SwissADME, Computer Aided Drug Discovery, Molecular Refractivity, Drug- Likeness. 

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