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Visual Literacy and Teaching English Online

. Dr. Sayyad Aman Ubed and Dr. Shaikh Imran Usman


Visual Literacy has a great role to play in education and particularly in language education. This paper is an attempt to think over the role of visual literacy in our English textbooks and consequently in teaching English online. It has a big stake in online classroom interaction. In English textbooks, Visual literacy is interwoven with theme-based discourses, textual information, language skills, grammar, vocabulary, study and information skills, etc. Teachers can use or adapt online resources available on the internet to optimize the visual experience of the students in the teacher-learning process, such as; videos, animations, photographs, illustrations, icons, visual maps, infographics, pictographs, typography, interactive tools, etc.

Teachers should keep certain points in mind while teaching English online. Teachers should consider visuals as a significant component of teaching. They should give sufficient time for discussion on visuals while teaching English online. Teachers should follow step by step approach; Look – See – Describe – Analyze – Interpret – Communicate. This sequence will activate mental processing of information, understanding the intended message or theme, and develop skills of communication in different ways. Teachers should make students active viewers. Teachers should encourage them to have interactions by posing perceptual – structural – critical questions. Teachers should understand the integration of visuals with the text and other media is very important. Many activities can be added by teachers in addition to textbook activities, such as; Caption a photograph, developing timelines, taking photos, recording videos, creating infographics, generating memes, etc. Such activities will develop students’ visual communication skills.

It is important for teachers to integrate visual literacy into pedagogy to meet students’ needs, requirements, learning outcomes and promote lifelong learning. Visual Literacy matters in teaching English online, because it matters in developing language skills, study skills, information skills, and teaching universal values to students.


Index Terms- Visual Literacy, Teaching English Online, Pedagogy,

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