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Optimized Clustering Method for WSN Lifetime Enhancement based on Particle Swarm Algorithm

. Dhyan Singh, Abhishek srivastava, Sanjay Chauhan Electronics Engineering Department, IET, Dr. RML University, Ayodhya


This work mainly focus on the network based algorithm development that can support for enhancing the entire network lifetime. The work truly follows the objective that can balance the energy consumption among all sensor nodes to enhance the lifetime of the network so that there would be no overflow sensor nodes used to run out of energy before the others. Generally, the energy consumption by a sensor node integrated sensing, communication and data processing. Among the three operations, a sensor node expends the maximum energy in the data communication. A major concern is the design and development of energy management algorithm that wishes to recover energy in order to extended network lifetime.


Keywords: Clustering algorithms, Multidimensional systems, Optimization methods, Wireless sensor network.


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