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Base Station Placement Strategy In Various WSN Systems

. Neha Verma, Ramapati Mishra, Abhishek Srivastava Electronics Engineering Department, IET, Dr. RML University, Ayodhya


We are mainly focusing on the issues related to the base station placement in a wireless sensor network (WSN) field. The WSN model have multi clusters  approach has been investigated. The objective is to minimize the overall energy consumption in a WSN during the data transmission over nodes by figuring out the utilization of cluster head and overlapping head nodes. We prove that the overall energy consumption is minimised at the centroid of the nodes and proposed point of the node as the compare of the minimum enclosing circle of the centre of the nodes. We know that most of the nodes are close to the base station, whereas a few nodes are far from it. Therefore these far-off sensors nodes use more energy than nearer ones. We have used a centroid method for finding the cluster head node location and investigating how to find the base station location related data transmission to reduce energy consumption and hence to increase network lifetime.


Keywords: Base Station, Localization, Leach, and WSN.

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