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Isolation And Characterization of Chemical constituents From Leaves of Areca Catechu

. Nishmitha Gretta D’Souza ,Jennifer Fernandes , Ronald Fernandes and Sonal DSouza


The study's goal is to identify, isolate, and characterise bioactive constituents in Areca catechu leaves. It's a popular folk remedy.Areca catechu L. is a plant in the Arecaceae family that is also known as Areca palm, Betel nut palm, or Betel palm.The best studied species, Areca catechu L., contains phytochemicals such as phenolics and alkaloids with biological properties.A survey of the literature revealed that no scientific investigation on the isolation of phytoconstituents from leaves had been done. The plant's leaves were chosen for phytochemical and pharmacological testing as a result of this.The leaves were then pounded to a coarse powder in the shade. Cold maceration extraction was performed on the coarse powder of Areca catechu L. leaves using chloroform, methanol, and petroleum ether as solvents.Chemical analysis of Areca catechu L. leaves resulted in the isolation of three compounds: NA1 from chloroform extract, NF1 from methanol extract, and NS1 from petroleum ether extract, with the structures identified as Arecoline, Apigenin, and Stigmasterol using physical, chemical, and spectral characteristics.

Keywords: Arecoline, Apigenin, Stigmasterol, Areca catechu, methanol, petroleum ether

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