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Factors influencing successful implementation of Human Resource Development Practices in Banks- A critical Analysis

. Mrs. Shyja.k and Dr. S. Nadarajan


HRD provides a strong platform for an employee to grow and play an important role for the growth of the organization. Effective HRD must be able to balance a number of considerations in order to deliver effective outcomes. According to Mclean and Mclean as “any process or activity to develop an adults’ work based Knowledge, expertise, productivity and satisfaction, whether for personal or group/team Gains, or for the benefits of an organization, community, nations or ultimately, the whole of humanity. The main objectives of the study is to analysis the factors leading to the successful implementation of HRD practices in the banks in Kanyakumari district,  for data collection all the 259 bank branches are included for the study, From the each branch, the bank manager is selected for the study since he is well versed in the idea on the implementation, its determinants, its consequences of the HRD practices at banks. Hence the applied sampling procedure of the study is ‘census method’ the primary data used in the present study was collected with the help of the interview schedule.  Tools and analysis ‘T’ test could be used to test the significance difference between the two means in two different samples and the important factors leading to the successful implementation of the HRD practices in banks, the Exploratory Factor Analysis have been administered. The important variables influencing the successful implementation of HRD practices includes, Innovation/Creativity, Knowledge /Skill, Role perception, Control, Enthusiasm, Habits, Personal preference, Action, Initiative, Experience, Information, Revisions, Self-image ,Self-Confidence , Belief, Likes, Credentials, Goals, Professionalism, Objectives , Role negotiation, Balancing, Qualification, Character. The highly viewed variables in SIHRDP in the private sector banks are character and, habits in the public sector these are self-confidence, and goals regarding the view on the variables leading to the success of the HRD practices, the significant differences among the two groups of banks have been identified The important leading to the successful implementation of HRD practices are personality, work preferences, life goal plan, role clarity, motivation and abilities. The highly view factors in private and public sector banks is motivation.

Key words: HRD Practices, Role Perception, Self-confidence, Personal Preference, Role negotiation, Innovation.

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