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. B.Prabin Kumar, and Dr. P. Nixon Dhas


The service quality has been measured to measure core quality of service of police. Service firms like police stations are realizing the significance of public philosophies and are turning to quality management approaches to help managing their business. The advantage of core service quality is that it is a tried and tested instrument which can be used comparatively for benchmarking purposes. This article attempts to analyse variables to leading public satisfaction in policing in Kanniyakumari district. It specially aims to analyse, the influence of Trustworthy, Timeliness, Accommodativeness,   professionalism, Service fairness, Commitment. This paper is descriptive in nature and data has been collected through questionnaire. 799 respondents were selected for this study of which 399 were from urban area and 400 from rural area. Through the well structured interview schedule. One way analysis and “t” test were used for this study. The variables leading to public satisfaction on policing among the respondents are studied with the help six factors namely trust worthy, timeliness, accommodativeness, professionalism, service fairness, commitment. The highly viewed variable in accommodativeness by urban and rural respondents is ‘flexibility in timing’. In the case of performance, these variables are assurance of safety and security and problem solving skills respectively. The highly viewed variable in service fairness by urban and rural respondents is feedback on actions and immediate action respectively. In the case of commitment, these variables are commitment to society and commitment to work.The highly viewed factors leading to public satisfaction on policing among the urban re performance and timeliness whereas among the rural, these are commitment and trustworthy. The important discriminant factors among the urban and rural respondents are professionalism and service fairness which are highly viewed by urban compared to rural respondents.


Keywords: Public satisfaction, Police service quality(POLQUAL), Trustworthy, Service fairness, Accommodativeness, Timelines, Commitment.

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