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Solvothermal modified nano titania as the potential photocatalyst for the degradation of organic dyes

. T Kishore Kumar , Prasanna , P Ajith and D Prem Anand


High yield nano-titania was synthesized by a one-step solvothermal process. The catalyst was characterized by XRD, FTIR, UV-VIS-NIR, and SEM analysis. The phase structure and morphology of the as-prepared nano-titania were confirmed by XRD and SEM analysis. The FTIR and optical absorption studies confirmed the structure of nano-titania. Scanning electron microscopic observations revealed that the morphology of nano-titania with anatase structure. The photocatalytic activity of the catalyst is explored in the degradation of methylene blue dye. The present catalyst shows effective degradation of methylene blue under solar radiation. An attempt for the bulk degradation of methylene blue dye is also carried out.                                  

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