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Experimental Investigation on Use of Steel Slag as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Concrete

. Ranjitha B Tangadagi


In India, currently around 15 million tons of steel slag for each annum is produced, which is a long way behind the created nations. In India, because of constrained methods of practices of utilization, tremendous quantity of iron and steel slag are dumped in yards of every generation unit and drawing in of significant farming area and grave contamination to entire system. An effective way to deal with beat these issues is the slag use. Physical and chemical properties of steel slag is an integral factor of steel slag reused as aggregate material, concrete and solid admixture, soil stabilizer and as a construction material and so forth. This survey presents use patterns of steel slag and potential possibilities for huge scale work of steel slag in Indian setting. The first extent of this study was to research the properties of cement with steel slag as a substitution to fine aggregates. For this research, the percentage of the volume of fine aggregates normally used in concrete was replaced by steel slag. The replacement was done for the natural aggregates with replacements of the steel slag by 10%,20%,30%,40%, and 50% increments. The fresh and hardened properties of concrete were tried with steel slag as an aggregate. In addition to this research several tests were also included such as compressive strength, split tensile strength and the flexural strength of concrete with steel slag aggregates. In this way, supplanting the regular fine aggregates in concrete applications with steel slag would prompt impressive ecological advantages and would be conservative. Keywords: Cement, Steel slag, Concrete, Compressive strength, Split tensile strength & Flexural 

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