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. Kannan Vadivel , Sk. Mallika , Rudrapaka Mallika and Ranga Meghana


Migraine is a paroxysmal neurological disorder with multiphase attacks, disposes to unilateral pain with pulsating quality that comes in attacks and lasts up to 4 48 hours and varies in its frequency, severity and impact. About 11% of global population experiences migraine. Broadly, migraine is of 2 types, Migraine without aura and Migraine with aura. About 80% of migraine sufferers don’t experience Aura. It is caused by many environmental triggers, food, and genetics. Vascular theory implicates humoral mediated intracerebral vasoconstriction causes aura followed by an extracerebral vasoconstriction causes headache. It is diagnosed based on International Classification of Headache Disorders(ICHD) guidelines and severity by four level rating scale and 11 point Visual Rating Scale (VRS). It might be treated with aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine as first line therapy. Triptans and dihydroergotamine nasal spray as second and third line therapy respectively. Migraine attacks could be prevented by using prophylactic drugs and by avoiding triggers.

KEY WORDS:Migraine, Brain hypotheses, International Classification of Headache Disorders, Visual Rating Scale, Sumatriptannasal spray.

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