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Analysis of Energy Consumption Pattern in Iran (Case study: Wheat, Barley, Corn and Rice)

. Rose Hashemi ,Reza Moghaddasi, Amir Mohammadinejad and Mehdi Kazemnejad


In recent years, efforts to make better use of energy resources have come to the attention of governments. In this study, consumption trends and energy efficiency indicators and econometric analysis of energy consumption in grain production were evaluated. The data used in the research are related to the period of 1998-2018 which was prepared from Ministry of Agriculture and the Statistics Center of Iran. In this study, four cereal important crops, including wheat, barley, corn and rice. After determining the amount of consumption of each input in the production of  1 ha of product, each input turn into its energy equivalence. the energy of all inputs except chemical pesticides has increased during the mentioned period. Chemical fertilizer showed a decreasing trend during the period 1996-2001, but again has an increasing trend during the period 2006-2018. The trend of energy ratio (output to input) in the production of major grain products during the study period had an increasing trend. on average 84% of changes in product yield were justified by the variables in the model. Also, the Durbin-Watson test value is 1.99, which indicates that there is no problem of autocorrelation of the disturbance components in the pattern. Grain yield will increase with increasing consumption of this type of energy.

Key words:  Energy modeling, Energy ratio, Econometric analysis, Input.

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