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Growth and Characterization of L – proline Added Sulphamic acid Single Crystals

. Fredselin R.S vithel and R. Manimekalai


Slow evaporation technique has been used to grow pure and L-proline added sulphamic acid single crystals. Unit cell parameters and structure of the grown crystal were confirmed by powder XRD analysis and it was found that it crystallized in an orthorhombic structure. The functional groups of the grown crystal were found by FTIR  and RAMAN analysis. The surface morphology and the presence of all constituent elements were confirmed by SEM and EDAX analysis. The optical transmittance, absorbance and bandgap energies of the grown crystal were studied by UV-Vis-NIR spectral analysis. The mechanical strength of the grown crystal was identified by Vickers microhardness test. Thermal bebaviour of the grown crystals was identified from Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Thermogravimetric Analysis (DTA). The phoyoluminescence studies confirms the strong intense blue emission.

Keywords: XRD, FTIR, RAMAN, crystal growth, Microhardness

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