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Financial Impact of COVID – 19 on Middleclass Families in Kerala

. Mr. Noel Simon Roy, Assistant Professor Department of Commerce & Professional Studies, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous), Kalamassery, Kerala


This paper explores the effect of Covid-19 on the finances of middle-class families located in Kerala, India. Covid-19 pandemic has made a harsh impact on every areas like physical and mental health, financial state etc. in both youth and adult individuals. It also affected the economy of the country negatively. The lockdown implemented in the state has resulted in an unprecedented loss of employment in all sectors of the economy. Non-essential services and production where directly affected by the lockdown; which led to other things such as reduction in the number of hours worked and job losses. Many people lost their job due to lockdown. This has affected the income of people especially the middle-class people and whose income is on daily basis.  Here we discuss about the financial impact of Covid-19 on middle class families in Kerala.

Keywords: Covid – 19, Financial Impact, Middleclass, Savings, Income

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