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Entrance Skin Dose Calculation for Adult X-ray Examinations: A Quality Assurance And Quality Control Approach For Radiological Safety

. Oladotun .A. Ojo, Musibau .A. Ibrahim and Peter .A. Oluwafisoye


In keeping radiation dose to a safe minimum, it is useful to be able to appropriate, prior to examination, the ranges of dose to the patients as a function of the machine parameters. For this purpose, the study carried out some measurements on the thickness of adult chest X-ray, for adults totaling twenty, which came for examination at the hospital as prescribed by the physician. The measurement was carried out using a tape rule and recorded. Parameters of the X-ray machine and the measured thickness was used in the Edmond’s equation for skin dose, to calculate the amount of entrance skin dose in milligray (mGy). The results of the dose range from 0.005664 mGy to 0.053149 mGy, while the chest thickness ranges from 72 cm to 109 cm. The results of the dose were found to be within the prescribed value of 0.4 mGy, as recommended by international radiation protection bodies. For Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) purpose, the research work can be appropriate for entrance skin dose monitoring of medical X-ray imaging in diagnostic and treatment purposes, to safeguard against overdose or poor quality image outcome.

Keywords: Radiation dose, examination, chest X-ray, skin dose, image

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