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The Social Reformist Impetus of Islam as Reflected in Maulana Wahiduddin Khan’s Holistic Discourse: a Critical Study

. Dr. Mazher Hussain, Muhammad Amanullah, Dr. Wajid Ali, Dr. Muhammad Yaseen (Corresponding Author), Dr. Ammara Rehman and Dr. Muhammad Husnain


Islam aims at eradication of social evils of the period of ignorance and uplift of humanity. For this purpose, the messenger of God bore colossal hardships and sacrificed the comfort of his life. After his demise, the four rightly guided caliphs carried on his mission and put in force justice and equality. They never let someone do business of immorality and wickedness. They administer the affairs of their governments with immense excellence that the worst foes of Islam were self-compelled to admire their administrative systems. After thirty years of the caliphate, the period of monarchy came from where social collapse started. The battles between various tribes for the cause of attaining power wounded social and moral values severely. In these battles, the role of religious scholars always remained very vital. The monarchs utilized religious offices for personal benefits to secure administrative power. They hardly allowed themselves to sketch the true face of Islam in front of the public. In the struggle for power, the deprivation of religious class had been intensified so rapidly that they left the presentation of the social aspect of Islam. Now, the situation has become worst and there are hardly a few religious scholars who do not use Islam for personal uplift. Due to such dearth, the condition of human values in Muslim societies has become the poorest. There are huge crowds in religious places but a deficiency in the promotion of human values. Impatience, injustice, and dishonesty are very common in society. Even blood relations do not respect each other and involve in mutual exploitation. Now, it is time to revive the true spirit of Islam in which people have respect for human values. For this purpose, the role of our religious scholars is very important. Unfortunately, most of them do not realize the need of situation and hence, do not effort for such a purpose. At the same time, there are few ones, who think that Islam cannot be revived till the revival of its true spirit. Among these Muslim scholars, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has a significant place. He always promoted a soft image of Islam and advocated human values. The study in hand is an estimate of the efforts of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan as a benchmark in the modern Islamic era. He set an excellent example for his contemporaries and followers.


Spirit of Islam, Revival, Moral Values, Social Responsibilities, Bargaining, Footsteps, Human Desires, Worship, Mercy

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