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Effect of sand training for increasing endurance level among athletes

. Dr. Rajendran, Director of Physical Education, Government Arts and Science College, Karur, Tamilnadu, India


The aim of this study was to contemplate the impact of sand running for developing endurance among athletes. Twenty Male athletes between the cohort of 18 to 23 years (10 Experimental groups and 10 controls Group) were taken for the study. The Six Weeks endurance training program for experimental cluster got which incorporates a lot of sand running on alternate days and controlled cluster was given general coaching of athletics. The Pre check and Post check were conducted through Cooper check for each team to gauge the impact of sand running. This study shows that the sand running has increase the endurance among the Experimental group in conjunction with Physiological capability of the athletes. It’s counselled that sand running is sweet for the endurance development of athletes.


Keywords: Sand Running, Endurance, Cooper Test.

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