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A Review on Tuberculosis Risk in India

. Arpan Dhungel, Dinisha Sharma, Bivek Bajgai, Bhaskar Basnett, Nihar Ranjan Bhuyan and Devid Chutia


Airborne diseases are constantly gaining attention from researchers. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease through coughing, innate reflex, and generally inborn reflex such as viruses and bacterial infections. Our review is aimed to establish the risk and etiology behind Tuberculosis in Indian public health. The study was carried out using a database like Google scholar, pub med, science direct, research gate, and Elsevier with no time-bound. The study includes numerous parameters to establish Tuberculosis risk, including epidemiology, fatality, care in India’s public sector, drug-resistant pulmonary Tuberculosis, and a national tuberculosis control program. Although by review, it was revealed that Uttar Pradesh and other states of the Indian Nation are affected by TB greater or lesser extent, and it can be controlled with evidence-based approaches and preventable measures.


Index Terms- Airborne disease, Tuberculosis, Public health, Epidemiology.


Running title:  Study on burden of Tuberculosis patient.

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